The monthly afterwork
of your
entrepreneurial ecosystem

3 rules



DrinkEntrepreneurs is open to everybody. Wether you have created your business or not yet. It is very simple to join: just show up at the chosen location around 7pm, that’s all !


Going to DrinkEntrepreneurs is like meeting friends for a drink: no badges, no speeches, no ceremony. Enter a group and simply join the discussion! If you’re shy, make an effort and simply say “It’s the first time I come.”

Attend again

This is an important step, you will see that you will quickly enjoy running into other entrepreneurs you met at previous events… and meeting new ones! Then, see you at all our monthly gatherings!


Who pays for the drinks?

The event is free but drinks are not included.

Can I come if I’m not an entrepreneur?

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur as in “I own a business”. We welcome any entrepreneur-minded people: wannabe-entrepreneurs, students in entrepreneurship, people often working with entrepreneurs, involved in many associative projects… In a nutshell, anybody trying to build things and shake the world.

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